A Dance for Dark Horses (premiere March 2018)

Choreographer: Kim Lusk
Dancers: Shane Donohue, Jenna Eady, Britt Karhoff, Kim Lusk, Erin McCarthy, Devin Muñoz, Lillian Orrey, Alexander Pham, Katie Wyeth
Composer: Ryan Hume
Lighting Designer: Amiya Brown
Costume Designers: Joli Jolie
Technical Director: Becca Blackwell

Kim Lusk's first evening length work presented through Velocity's Made in Seattle program. Subtle humor, technical footwork, 90s pop beats and a bit of country giddy-up in a story about the ultimate power of the unlikely winner.  This piece was made possible with support from 128 Kickstarter donors.

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“After Years Orbiting the Spotlight, Choreographer Kim Lusk Prepares for Her First Full-Length Show”—Darren Davis, Seattle Met

“A Dance for Dark Horses: Choreographer Kim Lusk’s delightful, demanding full-length debut”—Kaitlin McCarthy, City Arts

“A Night of Rhythmic Underdogs: Kim Lusk’s A Dance for Dark Horses”—José Amador, The Seattle Star

”Kim Lusk's Dance for Dark Horses Is Adorable, Awkward, Athletic, Hilarious, and Like 17 Other Good Adjectives”—Rich Smith, The Stranger

“Playful, Heartfelt ‘A Dance for Dark Horses’ to Premiere at Velocity Dance Center”—Gavin Borchert, Seattle Magazine

“8 things to do in Seattle this weekend”—Michael Upchurch+ Nicole Capozziello, Crosscut

Nancy Guppy spotlights upcoming arts and entertainment events” (Kim Lusk at 4:02) on KING 5’s “New Day NW”

Press Release: February 6, 2018Velocity Presents Kim Lusk’s A Dance for Dark Horses—World Premiere of First Evening-Length Work from Fast-Rising Seattle Choreographer


Quartet for the Dead-set (2017)
Choreography: Kim Lusk
Performance: Shane Donohue, Kim Lusk, Erin McCarthy, Alexander Pham
Music: Ryan Hume
Ligting Design: Evan Anderson
Costume Design: Joli Jolie
Hair + Make-up Design: Lizzy Skolman

A fiery solo, a duet performed with only finger tips touching, and an intricate, weaving dance party inspired by 90s raves and ballet. 

Quartet for the Dead-set premiered at On the Boards' North West New Works Festival. I was supported by Case Van Rij, Jeremy Steward, Faizel Khan, Velocity’s Creative Residency Program, Bainbridge Dance Center, and the University of Washington Dance Program’s bst Residency. 

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Prototype 1 (2017)
Performance + Choreography: Kim Lusk
Music + Cinematography: Xssory / Ryan Hume

Dance, music, video and crushed velvet.  A project made simply because we like spreading good vibes via the arts we love. 

WATCH the full video

Underdog Solos (2016)
Choreography: Kim Lusk
Performance: Kim Lusk, Erin McCarthy, Alexander Pham
Music: Ryan Hume
Costumes: Lee White

Underdog Solos premiered in Seattle International Dance Festival's Spotlight on Contemporary Ballet, underwritten by Case Van Rij. It was made possible through Velocity's Creative Residency Program and support from Faizel Khan. It has also been presented at Bumbershoot and Vashon Center for the Arts.

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Trio in Silver (2015)
Choreography: Kim Lusk
Performance: Kim Lusk, Erin McCarthy, Alexander Pham
Music: Ryan Hume
Lighting Design: Evan Anderson

A piece in four acts inspired by surreal 90s music videos and the feeling of excited anticipation. Ryan Hume's original music jumps between warped pop songs, arhythmic sound scores, and a longing vocals. 

Trio in Silver premiered in sleepnod's WORK through the Access Velocity program. This piece was made possible through support from the Miller Ongoing Movement Residency, Bainbridge Dance Center, Velocity's Creative Resident Program, the Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation, and Faizel Khan. 

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Bang Bang (2015)
Choreography: Kim Lusk
Performance: Kim Lusk, Erin McCarthy
Music: Ryan Hume
Lighting Design: Evan Anderson

Two dancers engage in a playful battle of intricate footwork, opposing melodies, and the often unattainable, yet all consuming desire to simply walk in time with another person. 

Bang Bang premiered at the Seattle International Dance Festival 2015, and was supported by Velocity's Creative Residency Program. It has been presented at the Seattle International Dance Festival, and Bumbershoot 2015.

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The Full Bounty (2014)
Choreography: Kim Lusk
Performance: Kim Lusk
Music: Ryan Hume
Lighting Design: Evan Anderson

A high-energy and fast paced solo with precise technique, cheeky surprises and that "I am invincible" feeling you get while dancing to your favorite song. The original music combines let’s-save-the-world-tonight dance beats and a little bit of country giddy-up. 

The Fully Bounty premiered at Velocity's Next Fest NW 2014, and was supported by Velocity's Creative Residency Program. It has been presented at Velocity, Western Wyoming Community College, and Bumbershoot 2015.

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BULL (2013)
Choreography + Performance: Kim Lusk
Cinematography + Music + Performance: Ryan Hume, Kim Lusk
Lighting Design: Elby Brosch

A 15 second video that plays with the suspense, drama and characters found in The Strange Meeting of Slim, Ferdinand and Lady O'Neil. BULL is a teaser of sorts for future collaborative video work with Ryan and Kim. 


The Strange Meeting of Slim, Ferdinand and Lady O'Neil (2010)
Choreography: Kim Lusk
Performance: Wayne Ong, Ellie Whiteford, Jacob Rosenbaum

In an odd world of matadors, dry humor, and disjointed poetry, three characters find themselves in a dance to the death.

The Strange Meeting of Slim, Ferdinand and Lady O'Neil premiered at Connecticut College.

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Photos by Ryan Hume, Jazzy Photo, and Tim Summers